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We are a leading, innovative aerial survey and geospatial mapping company offering a wide range of services including aerial photography photogrammetry, LiDAR and remote sensing surveys.

Benefits of aerial survey using UAV


With the rapid improvement of UAV technology, drones can be integrated with many devices like high resolution cameras, LiDAR, GNSS, RTK, IMU etc. The combination of all allow the drone to retrieve most accurate data for aerial survey also sophisticated new stabilisation techniques allow drones to capture ultra-high definition images in challenging weather conditions.

Easy access of any location

Simply by their nature, UAVs make it easier than ever before to access hard to reach locations. With a pre-planned flight path, or the skills of an experienced pilot, drones can access towers, masts, roofs, tall buildings and wind turbines with ease and with excellent results.

Cost saving

With relatively low overheads and significantly reduced costs when compared to terrestrial, light aircraft and helicopter surveys, drones open new horizons and new perspectives with regards to what is possible and affordable in the aerial survey discipline. Perspectives that were never achievable without huge costs and operational considerations are now well within the reach of today’s surveying professionals. This is thanks to the relatively affordable and increasingly accurate output of aerial survey drones.


With the help of drones a very large area can be covered in a very short time so it takes a very little period to finish the survey than any other methods.

Aerial survey in different sectors

Unmanned aircraft systems provide the ideal solution to the problems and limitations faced by other surveillance methods. Traditional security and surveillance methods face several types of difficulties and also take huge time and money whereas drone surveillance is easier, faster and cheaper method to collect data. Drones can easily access narrow and confined spaces without making much noise. The drones equipped with thermal and night vision cameras are able to capture those footage which a human eye cannot even detect. UAVs can quickly cover large and difficult-to-reach areas, reducing staff numbers and costs, and do not require much space for their operators. Parrot ANAFI Thermal, Mavic 2 Enterprise, Parrot Bluegrass these drones are the best for surveillance and security purposes.
These drones use high configuration camera to serve its purpose best. Drones have brought a revolutionary change in aerial photography as it gets a perfect bird eye view perspective in a photo or video. Use of Professional Camera Drone in cinematography also abolishes the risk of life or injury while taking the shots in helicopter or aeroplane. Drones have also made it possible to get shots that are impossible for traditional camera setups – tilting and whirling quickly with 360 degrees of motion. We have the best professional camera drones like Parrot ANAFI Work, Mavic 2 Enterprise etc.
Drone farming is a revolution in the agriculture sector. Drones are used in agriculture for various purposes like land surveying, irrigation problems, pest infestation, soil variation, aerial seeding, and precision agriculture. Many agricultural drones software are developed to gather the precise data of a field and identify the problem in a particular area so farmers could take the necessary steps to resolve that problem. Our AGRAS MG-1P Series, Parrot Disco-Pro AG, Parrot Bluegrass will be the best fitted drones in this purpose.

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