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Agriculture or Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of our Life

One of the latest development is increasing in the useness of Small, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which commonly known as DRONE, for Agriculture.

These have a huge potentiality in agriculture for supporting evidence-based planning and in spatial data collection. The Parrot Bluegrass is one of the best solution as Agricultural aspects, which provides the farmers, agronomists and researchers with the insights, they need to boost the quality of their crops and maximize the yields.

Agricultural DRONE is applied for the following purposes

Crop Monitoring

A Professional UAV can provides a holistic view of a crop’s growth for better planning and monitoring by using fertilizers.

Soil Assessment

A DRONE data can be employed to extract the soil characteristics, including temperature, moisture, slope, elevation and many more.

Crop Protection

The digital outputs generated by agricultural DRONE, helps to guide for proper crop protection to meet the individual’s expectations.

Irrigation & Drainage

In addition to the crop specific activities, such as Health Monitoring, the Agricultural Drone is equipped with RGB/ thermal infrared cameras, which can be used to plan and troubleshoot irrigation system.

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