Applanix DSS 500 Series

Applanix DSS 500 series-GNSS data-Air-to-Ground Quality Control-BPC Pi

Air-to-Ground Quality Control

The DSS 500 provides the ultimate in-field Quality Control (QC) through its In-FlightOrtho capability. Full-resolution orthophotos are produced in real-time, immediately following image capture using the GNSS-Inertial solution and onboard DEM. A thumbnail map view allows the pilot or operator to see at a glance how things look and fit together “on-the-ground”- verifying the quality of the imagery, GNSS data, Inertial data and camera interior orientation. If a problem is spotted the mission can be immediately aborted, or images re-flown.

DSS system options

  • Tactical Lenses
  • SingleCam
  • DualCam
  • Azimuth mount
  • 3-axis gyro-stablized mount

DSS software options

  • In-FlightOrtho
  • In-FlightOrtho High Precision Option, with Inpho OrthoBox & DTMBox

DSS camera options

  • 539 (39MP sensor)
  • 580 (80MP sensor)

Multiple Camera Option

The DSS 500 Electronics Module supports both single camera and dual camera configurations. The DSS 500 DualCam is delivered with a state-of-the-art SSM 270 compact 3-axis mount for maximum efficiency and overlap control. The mount is automatically leveled, steered and controlled by the POSTrack embedded in the DSS.

High Reliability

With its new compact design, the DSS 500 can be operated with as few as 3 cables for extra-high reliability: 1 each for power, GNSS and pilot display

Applanix DSS 500 series-GNSS data-Air-to-Ground Quality Control-BPC Pi

Highlighted Features

  • In-FlightOrtho software : produces full-resolution orthorectified imagery in the aircraft as it is captured.
  • Mapping grade camera : Calibration process USGS Certified.
  • Modular, expandable, customizable : configuration can be changed and/or upgraded as needed.
  • Multi-sensor platform works with LiDAR, thermal, hyperspectral, etc.
  • Available as an OEM board set for custom integration, to fit small form factors, weighing about 10 lbs. and fitting into a shoebox.

Low-cost Deployment

The DSS 500 uses state-of-the-art computer hardware in an extremely compact, low-power form factor allowing it to be easily deployed in small, low-cost-to-operate aircraft for very cost-effective mapping. With proven pilot-only operation, personnel and fuel costs are greatly reduced.

ApplanixDSS 500-Flight Management System-DEM-BPC Pi

Super Efficient Flight Management System

An embedded POSTrack flight management system with full Digital Elevation Model (DEM) support enables the DSS to take each and every image at exactly the right location and overlap.

Applanix DSS 500 series-Application-Georeferencing technology-BPC Pi

Directly Geo-referenced Imagery

DSS is designed and built around the Applanix POS AV Direct Georeferencing technology for maximum productivity and accuracy. It produces Directly Georeferenced map products by default, and fully supports assisted AT for higher accuracy when necessary.

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