Geophysical Study

Our Geophysical team with a set of testing through the quantitative data of physical properties to help out our clients in an efficient way.

Geophysics is the non-invasive investigation of subsurface conditions in the Earth through measuring, analysing and interpreting physical fields at the surface. And the Geophysical survey is an archaeological method that is used to produce a detailed image or map of an area of a ground- based level.

We are involved by providing the following services


Depending on the complexity of the project and requirement, Our engineering geology team is always there for various geophysical tests encompassing Seismic Refraction test, MASW, cross-hole test, Refraction Microtremor test and to analyze the graphical output to conclude meaningful decision before taking up exploration work. Along with Block vibration, Electric resistivity test.

Road Roughness

BPC Pi is well equipped with both the fifth wheel based bump integrator and most recent pavement profile scanner which not only evaluates the road roughness but a comprehensive mapping of all pavement deterioration such as cracking, rutting, potholes and pavement texture.

FWD Test

To obtain a better correlation between the performance of field pavement section and the computed values of critical parameters for structural evaluation and largely being used for pavement rehabilitation purposes.

NDT Test

We take up health monitoring of existing bridges by conducting proof load test, Rebound hammer test and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests at identified spots per span of bridges.

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