Infrastructure holds the backbone of a Nation

Infrastructure includes the basic systems and services, such as transport, power supplies, water supply, tunnel and sewer, that a country or organisation uses in order to work effectively to support its economy.

We, at BPC Pi offer all sort of services and solutions related to highway construction, flyover design for pole mapping, forest, environmental survey and many more. We provide here the best support and services along with our experienced team and all modern instruments like Customized Drone, LiDAR scanners, GPRs, High quality Cameras to decrease the project cost and duration.

Services we provide in different industries

Highway Construction

We are Highway Engineering Expert Consultant in India, provide ideas in the development of Smart Infrastructure for Roads. We have done several projects like design of 312KM NH from Jhirka Firozpur to Muhana in Madhya Pradesh, 372 KM NH54 road from Aizawl to Tuipang, Mizoram etc.

Tunnel Design

We provide total survey, investigation, design, construction, mapping, monitoring, and maintenance of the tunnels. We have done Soil investigation for 13KM tunnel and major bridges for new BG line between Dahod to Indore.

Bridge & Flyover Mapping

Our expertise team has successfully designed several bridges and flyovers, Construction of 16KM bridge at Patna over Ganges River has done by BPC India.

Smart City Modelling

A smart city in an urban area, uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. IoT system is the basic requirement for a smart city. BPC Pi provides IoT and industrial automation embedded system to make our tomorrow better.

Waterway Design

We provide total solution like design, mapping, investigation, monitoring and construction for waterway infrastructure. Our expert team, modern technologies and equipments are together for making the best construction solution in India.

Forest-Environmental MAPPING

We are the best supplier of customised Drone in India. With the help of customised Drone forest mapping become easier than before as it minimize the issues related to dense vegetation. Even the use of different kinds of machine vision cameras and LiDAR scanners give the environmental studies into more accuracy.

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