iSTAR Fusion

360 Resolution50 MP

FOV360° x 137° +/‐ 5°

BatteryLithium ion 4400mAh battery

StorageUp to 32GB

Precision from Passion

Designed for rapid, high precision 360º imaging, iSTAR is a panoramic camera that captures full HDR spherical immersive images for efficient visual documentation of an environment and use in other high precision applications such as laser scanning and photogrammetry.Rugged design based on original military specification iSTAR Fusion camera. Weather resilient and shockproof with built-in high accuracy GPS and IMU sensors ensures effortless direct integration to GIS systems.

Highlighted Features

  • Rapid 360° imaging: iSTAR has been designed as a highly portable rapid imaging system. If your requirement is for fast, accurate data collection iSTAR is the perfect tool. iSTAR can capture images in seconds and in full HDR. Using iSTAR is as simple as pushing a button and no expertise is required.
  • Point cloud colourisation: NCTech has worked extensively with the leading laser scanner manufactures to develop iSTAR’s capability for HDR colourisation of point clouds. iSTAR’s rapid capture abilities allows for data to be quickly captured and overlaid onto the laser scan to two pixel accuracy.
  • HDR exposure fusion: A key feature of iSTAR is it’s high dynamic rage capabilities (HDR) with an impressive EV range of 27 f‐stops. This enables iSTAR to capture the true colours and a light variant in a scene ensuring no data is lost. iSTAR can be set to capture a single exposure, five, or set to fully automatic where the location is automatically analysed prior capture to determine the best EV capture range.

Operation modes

iSTAR has two operational 360 degree capture modes. Still image capture and time‐lapse. In both modes, data can be captured directly to SD card or USB stick. iSTAR can be mounted and deployed in various methods. Terrestrial, with a standard tripod using the 1/8 thread engineered into the camera base, vehicle mounted using roof bars, tripod suction feet or secured under a UAV for airborne mapping

Low light capturing

iSTAR can capture data in relatively low light conditions. When using auto HDR mode this is enhanced with a consistent light range across the image. Additional portable mobile lighting systems can be used to floodlight the location.



  • DC input socket
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) port
  • USB2 ports: type A/mini type B
  • SD/SDHC card socket
  • AdHoc remote WiFi connectivity

Camera Control Interface

  • 18bit colour 2.4″ LCD touchscreen
  • Power on/off
  • Factory reset
  • Audio alert indicator
  • Timer capture delay

Battery and Power

  • 12V mains power adapter, 2.1mm jack Rechargeable, removable lithium ion 7.4V 4400mAh battery
  • In‐camera battery charging/Optional external charger
  • Approx. 6 to 8 hours battery life in use /48 hours standby mode


Road Survey

It is an ideal tool for use within surveying and architecture , both for standalone visual documentation and also as a companion to laser scanning systems.

Asset Management

Effective way to visually document assets, record of areas requiring repair or maintenance.

Law Enforcement

It offers Police, Fire and other public safety organisations to easily document scenes of interest in full positional context in seconds.

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