iSTAR Pulsar Plus

360 Resolution80ha (200ac)

FOV360° x 145° +/‐ 5°

Storage256GB SSD


Fully Calibrated Ready to Go

Every Pulsar system is calibrated at NCTech to sub pixel level. This, combined with advanced depth stitching process allows capture speeds of up to 70mph. Unlike other stitch methods such as optical flow that suffer from double data, bending, flickering or blurring.

Highlighted Features

  • No Cloud Needed: Capture — Download — Save. Direct export to SSD via USB‐C allows local storage of data for maximum security and data control.
  • Data Formation License: iSTAR Pulsar+ offers data portability without cumbersome license transfer systems or restrictions. The annual Data Formation License (DFL) is in the data itself instead of the software, letting you concentrate on your workflow.
  • Embedded GPS: The new JPG file format option for iSTAR Pulsar+ includes full GPS EXIF metadata in every image, allowing direct import into GIS applications and systems.
  • Effortless Integration: iSTAR Pulsar+ allows automated synch with external devices such as GPS, IMU, LiDAR and additional equipment to provide the highest level of positional accuracy.

Dynamic Geospatial Capture

Whether hiking at 2mph across rough terrain with the Explorer Backpack or driving in heavy traffic, iSTAR Pulsar can dynamically reduce its capture rate to provide a consistent metered distance between shots. No more issues with unnecessary repeat data, upload size, processing times and costs.

Intelligent Design

Optimised for mobile platforms, iSTAR Pulsar dynamically adjusts capture rate to provide a consistent distance interval spacing, minimising data storage and processing requirements. Weighted metering analysis ensures zones of high interest are perfectly exposed.


Road Condition Surveys

High resolution output imagery allows road conditions to be assessed, i.e potholes, Cracks. Geotagged imagery gives approximate locations of problem areas.

Asset Management

Effective way to visually document assets, record of areas requiring repair or maintenance.

Railway Documentation

Visual documentation of rail networks, improving maintenance efficiency.

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