Kandao Obsidian Go

Professional 360 Camera for 8K Photography

The 3D 360 camera Obsidian GO shoots up to 8K panoramic photos in both 2D and 3D, and shoots 4K VR video. It generates clear impressive two eyes VR videos and photos with rich details, which you can playback with Kandao VR player and VR headset. Kandao Obsidian GO is a kind of entry level professional camera. With only one button operation, the best professional video camera enables users to create a 360 degree photo or VR time lapse.


8K High Resolution

Photo Format


Frequency Range

2404 MHz – 2476 MHz

Shooting Time

4 Hr max.

Working Temperature

-10 ~ 40° C

Available Mount with Gimbal PTZ

This camera can be mounted on Cars and Drones to shoot in a whole new way.

4-hour max shooting time of 360 cameras

It offers up to 4 hours 8K 3D photo shooting action and 2 hours 4K 3D video recording. Because this professional 360 camera has an advanced battery management system and long battery life. You can capture as many immersive 4K 3D 360-degree video and 8K high image quality photo as possible.

Intelligent 3D image and video post-production

It is based on a stitching software which is based on the deep-learning algorithm. With the help of it, the post-production of 360 VR photo and video becomes more efficient than ever. Just one click, you can manage the 360 degree stereoscopic 3D stitching like a pro.

DNG for photos with bluetooth

With the bluetooth connection, DNG format for 8K photos is also available, containing more details and offering more flexibility in post production

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