Ladybug 5+

30 MP, 360° Spherical Camera Imaging System

The Ladybug5 spherical imaging system boasts an impressive 30 MP resolution covering 90% of a full sphere; a 5 Gbit/s USB 3.0 interface; and a ground-breaking post-processing workflow that provides high dynamic range, superb image quality and maximum user flexibility. It is an excellent choice for applications in GIS; vehicle-based photogrammetry; situational awareness; and entertainment solutions for lighting models, full dome projection content.


2048 x 2448 30MP (5 MP x 6 sensors)

Focus Distance

~200 cm. Objects have an acceptable sharpness from ~60 cm to infinity

Field of View

90% of full sphere

Post Processing Workflow for Dynamic Range

The workflow starts with Ladybug5 capturing, compressing, and transmitting full bit depth 12-bit RAW images. Users then use LadybugCapPro’s post processing toolbar to apply white balance, gamma, smear correction, and other image processing functions for maximum dynamic range.

User Flexibility

The capture and post workflow model allows users to maintain flexibility by being able to return to the original content and reapply post processing steps as desired.

High Bandwidth Interface

Leverages USB 3.0 interface that makes 12-bit RAW imaging possible.

Highlighted Features

  • Environmental Sensors : Temperature, Barometer, Humidity, Accelerometer, Compass
  • Frame Rate : 10 FPS JPEG Compressed; 5 FPS Uncompressed
  • Optics : 6 high quality 4.4 mm focal length lenses
  • GPIO : 12-pin GPIO connector for external trigger input, strobe output, and camera power
  • Readout Method : Global shutter


Terrain Mapping

Building management

News, events, sports coverage

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