Machine intelligence

We in BPC Pi specialise in Research and Development of machine learning technologies, including their application in Artificial Intelligence.

What is Machine Intelligence?

Machine intelligence is advanced computing that enables a machine to interact with its environment in an intelligent way. Machine intelligence can be described as combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this process a machine is trained to interact with its environment in an intelligent way.

Why is Machine Intelligence Important

Recently, machine intelligence technologies have experienced a global resurgence due to growing volumes and varieties of data, the utility of this data in training smart systems and increased awareness of the value of data in providing a competitive edge in business. Machine intelligence is expected to form the basis for most technological and business advancements for years to come.

Popular areas where machine intelligence used

Machine-Intelligence-Autonomous vehicles-BPC Pi
  • Optimize and automate processes.
  • Extract and classify data.
  • Detect, analyze and predict trends/patterns.
  • Enhance interaction with humans/the environment.
  • Autonomous vehicles.

Use of machine intelligence in Road asset management

Highway survey is performed to trace the condition of the highway, to detect the vehicle load in a particular region and to classify the type of vehicle passing through the particular road. Machine Intelligence is also used to track road assets such as signal posts, drainage, safety barriers, lighting, signs, lines and soft estate such as grassland, trees, and shrubs, etc. 

BPC Pi can provide you with an optimal maintenance solution, to accurately and inexpensively combine artificial intelligence with LiDAR, GNSS, INS, and machine vision camera to view and assess road surfaces and other roadway features. 

Our team has developed vehicle and pothole detection and classification software which are able to provide millimeter-level accuracy, which diminishes the challenges of roadway assessment out of the realm of subjective opinion to the world of true data-driven decision making state. 

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