LiDAR Mapping & Survey

LiDAR can provide you more accuracy for high resolution mapping in a short period of time and also at low cost.

We are serving different types of LiDAR scanners and sensors, including Drone LiDAR, Terrestrial LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR and 360° LiDAR for Survey and mapping, Automotive handling, Geological survey and mapping, Agricultural inspection, Industrial site survey, Security purpose, Urban planning, Mining Industry, Asset tracking and Road Inventory etc which, combining with GNSS and IMU to provide accurate information about the position, rotation, and motion of the scanning platform.

We are providing mainly three types of LiDAR to our customers on the basis of their expectations

Mobile LiDAR-GPS/INS-Survey-BPC Pi

Mobile LiDAR

The Mobile lidar is the collection of LiDAR point clouds from a moving platform. It can include any number of LiDAR sensors mounted on a moving vehicle. These systems can be mounted on vehicles, trains, and even boats. Mobile systems typically consist of a lidar sensor, cameras, GPS (Global Positioning System), and an INS (inertial navigation system). The Mobile LiDAR data can be used to analyze road infrastructure and locate encroaching overhead wires, light poles, and road signs near roadways or rail lines.

FARO FOCUS-8 mega-pixel-HDR-camera-BPC Pi

Terrestrial LiDAR

In the case of static acquisition, the LiDAR system is typically mounted on a tripod or stationary device, consisting of eye-safe lasers.This LiDAR can collect very dense and highly accurate points, which allows precise identification of objects. These dense point clouds can be used to manage facilities, conduct highway and rail surveys, and even create 3D city models for exterior and interior spaces.


Airborne LiDAR

With airborne LiDAR, the system is installed in either a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter. The infrared laser light is emitted toward the ground and returned to the moving airborne lidar sensor. These LiDARs are generally used to cover a huge area in a short time and also used for forest modelling to avoid the dense vegetation, in remote areas like mining and coastal regions.

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