Navigation System

Our new range of smart modules comes combined with compact GNSS/INS systems, which are used for sensor position and orientation on mobile mapping vehicles or direct georeferencing data from airborne surveying by plane or UAV.

GPS Position Triangulation

GPS navigation is related to the concept of triangulation to determine a position on the ground. Triangulation is a process where the location of a radio receiver can be determined by measuring the radial distance of the received signal from different sources. For satellite navigation, Trilateration of at least four signals are required to determine the position of a GPS Drone receiver.

When a GPS Fails

Trilateration fails when a GPS navigator receives insufficient satellite data. Obstructions such as large buildings or mountains may also block weak satellite signals and prevent accurate calculation of location. Satellite signals may also fail temporarily due to factors in the troposphere and ionosphere.

BPC Pi is taking an initiative to design and develop an advanced but robust monocular camera-based visualized navigation system for autonomous UAV/ DRONE. This is an advanced technology that allows a DRONE to autonomously fly to a pre-programmed destination even in a GPS denied environment. Our custom Drones are increasingly being used for surveying building construction, road maintenance, Agricultural applications, and infrastructure inspections.

Navigation System-Satellite signals-BPC Pi

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