Network survey vehicle or NSV is a modern system for highway asset management, pavement maintenance management or road safety and audit related studies. This vehicle is equipped with several instruments like digital laser profiler, distance measuring instrument, GPS or GNSS, automatic crack detection machine, digital cameras, data acquisition system, etc related to road survey and analysis. India’s road network spreading over 46,89,842 kms in length has become the second largest road network in the world after United States of America.  The quantitative density of India’s road network with 0.66km of roads per square kilometer of land is found to be similar to that of the United States (0.65) and far higher than that of China (0.16) or Brazil (0.20). However, often stretches of the existing road networks deteriorate and fall below the acceptable level, required to serve the increasing Indian traffic and population. A little improvement in maintaining the physical infrastructure, road transport provision and operation can result in large scale economical benefits. To achieve this goal, one of the important tasks is to develop a sustainable road asset management system that can monitor and assess the conditions of road networks continuously, objectively and rapidly. The traditional field inspection technique using manually road videos, still images, etc are very expensive and time consuming and has limited uses in road asset management. While use of NSV reduce both expense and time consumption effectively.

Several applications of NSV:

     Network and project level road and asset collection surveys.      Routine pavement monitoring surveys.      Roadside inventory and asset management.      Road geometry and mapping surveys.      Contractor quality control.      Road safety assessment.      Airport runway maintenance.
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