Portable Bridge Structures Control System

Portable bridge structures control system is a set of digital modules and intelligent sensors placed inside of a compact case.

Portable bridge structures control system based on digital sensors of ZETSENSOR series enables performance of bearing structures comprehensive diagnostics.

Calculation and control of dominant modes and maximum oscillations amplitude of the structures

Bridges bearing structures stress-strain state monitoring

Acceleration and vibration monitoring and evaluation

Modern bridges are exposed to considerable loads and stresses caused by a great variety of factors (traffic load, climatic factors, seismic environment), which finally lead to bridge structure deformation.

Thus, there arises the need to perform constant monitoring of the structure, to measure its dynamic characteristics and to evaluate its residual life. All this allows to take timely measures to eliminate the defects and to increase the safety of bridges operation as well as to cut the costs for their full-scaled refurbishment.

In the case of simultaneous use of 3-4 recorders it is possible to create distributed data acquisition and bridges bearing structures systems. The data acquisition systems enable acquisition of the information concerning change of the operational mode or repair works. These preventive measures enable cost-cutting without the necessity to perform refurbishment works.

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