An easy-to-use drone solution with survey accuracy of 1/10ft (3cm)

Available 30-minute geodesic drone equipped with dual-frequency L1 / L2 GNSS RTK / PPK receiver. Get consistent results, quantifiable savings, and the confidence you need to map, measure, and manage your worksite yourself.

Features and Benefits

  • Affordable professional-grade survey solution
  • Automatic shooting and stable signal reception
  • Dual-frequency L1 / L2 GNSS RTK / PPK receiver on board
  • GNSS receiver integration with a modified DJI Phantom 4 camera (20 megapixel)
  • Removable antenna allows the use of a standard shipping case.
  • Obstacle detection sensors protect the drone from emergency situations.
  • Accuracy up to 3 cm in x, y, z in post-processing without using reference points

Missions performs automatically, the upgrade is easy to install and removable antenna allows to use a standard case

In earlier surveys GCPs are used to triangulate the drone survey data. But collection of GCP is very time taken process which increase the survey cost. Also, in hilly region and inaccessible area, GCP placement is very troublesome and in some cases it could not be placed. Here, comes the PPK/RTK method for Photogrammetry data processing. PPK doesn’t require placing Ground Control Points (GCPs), which allows inspecting much wider areas. It is especially useful when mapping of large territories or places with difficult terrain is required. 

PPK requires a base station and a rover. Base station is placed on a known coordinate. Rover is placed on the UAV and correlated with camera. When camera takes a picture it generates log at the moment of picture taken. This log is post processed with the base station log (we use RTKLIB) and the precise global coordinate of the camera is obtained at moment of photo taken. PPK method is susceptible to the possibility of loss-of-lock. It does not need a radio link between the aerial mapping drone and the base and does the corrections post collection. 

We at BPC Pi use Reach RS+ as base and Reach M+ as rover which is fixed on the UAV for PPK data processing.

Reach M+ takes log when camera at drone is triggered. Then we use RTKLIB software for post processing and event file is generated which contains the coordinate of location of each imagery taken. These coordinates are embedded in respective images in EXIF info and then processed in relevant software for mapping purposes.

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