Structure Health Monitoring

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Automated stationary Structural health monitoring system (SHM) is a subsystem of buildings and structures control system which has been developed in accordance with the applicable requirements of the corresponding standards. It is used to detect a transition of the building state from operational into the state of failure, that may eventually lead to fatal accidents.

Depending upon the Customer’s requirements, the Structural Health Monitoring System may include all types of monitoring systems or a particular task-specific set of the monitoring systems.

We are introducing a variety of series for diagnosing building and structure. It is a system for building and bridge the structure monitoring and evaluating technical condition of the structure or timely warning if collapse failure.

Structure Health Monitoring Subsystem

Structure Health Monitoring-Building-Structures Control System-BPC Pi

Buildings and Structures Control System

Building tilt and elements displacement control is used for timely detection of bearing structures tilt that can lead to the transition of the building state from operational into failure state.

Portable bridge structures control system

Modern bridges are exposed to considerable loads and stresses caused by a great variety of factors (traffic load, climatic factors, seismic environment), which finally lead to bridge structure deformation.

Portable bridge structures control system based on digital sensors of ZETSENSOR series enables performance of bearing structures comprehensive diagnostics.

Health Monitoring-Bridge structures control system-ZETSENSOR-BPC Pi

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