UAV Customization

Recent years have seen an increase in the deployment of aircraft that do not have a manned pilot on board. These unmanned aerial vehicles are also commonly known as drones or unmanned aircraft systems.

We don’t build drones. We build solutions.

Longer Flight Times

Long flight times can be achieved by building drones with the state of art battery management system and whopping great battery performance. That’s what our engineers at BPC Pi are aiming for. Designing the drone from scratch also allow us to keep the drone compact while achieving good flight times.

Propulsion Redundancy

A crash will most likely happen when a motor fails in a Quadcopter configuration. Whereas BPC Pi’s custom made 8 motor coaxial drone is able to maintain balance in the air even when a motor fails in mid-air and still lands safely.


We do not compromise with quality. We use the best products for the drones according to your budget. We prefer using carbon fiber material sourced from certified factories to ensure maximum reliability.

Sensor Integration

We add custom sensors to the drone according to your business needs.

Why drones become so popular

UAV Customization-Application-UAV Customization-Application-Disaster Management-BPC Pi-BPC Pi

Film and Television

Camera mounted drone brings a revolutionary change in film and television industry as it provides a mesmerizing aerial view which is really a pleasure to watch. It takes the cinematography to the next level. In films and television industry, aerial photography becomes very popular as it gives a top view of the location and represents the image more vividly.

UAV Customization-Application-Disaster Management-BPC Pi

Disaster Management

Drone serves a great job on disaster management and rescue mission as it can cover a wide area from the top, making it easier for the rescue team to detect an individual.

UAV Customization-Application-Infrastructure-BPC Pi


Drones are becoming more popular day by day in infrastructure industries. It is used especially for infrastructure inspection. As a result, it cuts down the maintenance cost and total duration of the project.

UAV Customization-Application-Industrial Inspection-BPC Pi

Industrial Inspection

Drones make industrial inspection and security easier and quicker than before. Industrial mapping and surveying also become easier than before and not a time consumable process anymore.

UAV Customization-Application-Agriculture-BPC Pi


Drones are used for agriculture mapping to control the proper growth of the crops, maintain the farm works and regulate any sort of disorder related to farming.

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