BPC Pi is a Specialised team with deep knowledge of Various Semiconductors, MEMS Technology, Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Data Analysis.

We also develop various Solutions on Infrastructural Data Acquisition, Diagnostic and Asset Management System by combining the most advanced Sensor & Technologies.

We are a team with deep knowledge of semiconductors, optics, signal processing, computer vision, and high volume manufacturing. We focus on combining advanced technologies with practical, scalable engineering, and pride ourselves on shipping products, not promises.

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Now, we are linked up with IIT Kharagpur through Research and Development Center by providing the better Solutions and also to invent new technologies for our engineering to the next level.

  • Defence

    Indian defense is getting stronger day by day. New technologies and modern equipments make our soldiers...

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  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure includes the basic systems and services, such as transport, power supplies...

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  • Mining

    Mining is excavation of the valuable minerals such as coal, copper, silver, petroleum etc...

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  • Agriculture

    These have a huge potentiality in agriculture for supporting evidence-based planning and in spatial...

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Drone Customisation

Personalised With Perfect Precision

Thrust Vectoring




Sensor Integration

Where centimeter accuracy matters

Fusion software that will integrate between INS & LiDAR data

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