BRAVO 360 VX-32

Mobile Mapping System

Laser/Detector Pairs


Maximum Range

Upto 200m


Upto 640,000 point/s

Vertical Field-of-View

+15° to -25

Absolute Accuracy

Better than ± 5cm*

Imaging Components

30 MP (5 MP × 6 sensors)


Bravo 360 VX-32 is easily mounted on a variety of platforms, including vehicles, trains, and boats. This system operates in wide varying conditions using SLAM technology.


Combining high-resolution 360° imaging, high-definition LiDAR, unsegregated position monitoring and orientation system, Bravo 360 VX-32 delivers impressive and precise mobile data.


Bravo 360 VX-32 was designed and developed to fill industry needs for a portable and powerful mobile mapping unit. The smart system is robust and includes multi-functional datasets which are used for numerous projects and applications. Bravo 360 VX-32 has collected data in numerous industries such as transportation safety, construction, asset management, rail, utilities and 3D modeling in robust mining environment.

Imaging Components

  • Type: Ladybug 5
  • Megapixels: 30 MP (5 MP × 6 sensors)
  • Imaging Sensor: Sony ICX655 CCD × 6, 2/3″
  • Spherical Distance: Calibrated from 2 m to infinity
  • Focal Distance: ≈200 cm. Objects have an acceptable sharpness from ≈60 cm to infinity

Wheel Sensor

1,000 pulses per rotation, IP 67, integrated time stamping of wheel sensor data (handled by GNSS controller). Processing of wheel sensor data is integrated with the Kalman filtering based trajectory computational software. A variety of wheel sizes supported.

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Efficiently locate missing or stranded persons in places difficult to scout with the naked eye.


Safely conduct inspections on critical infrastructure, expediting routine maintenance tasks.


See the bigger picture in complex structures without getting too close to the asset.

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