Infrastructure Diagnosis

We, at the BPC Pi is going to introduce a probabilistic solution for monitoring and analyzing the facts related to infrastructure support through the help of turn-key system and the latest technology.

Instruments we use for Infrastructure Diagnosis

FFT Spectrum analyzer

This intended for parameters control of vibration, acoustic, and hydro-acoustic signals, as well as for the generation of electrical signals with normalized metrological characteristics. FFT Spectrum analyzer is further used in standalone mode, or within the scope of automated technological processes control systems, as well as for scientific and research purposes.

Shaker controller

Shaker controller is a software and hardware suite based on multi-channel data acquisition system used for receiving, amplification and conversion of the analog signal received from vibrating transducers. The system conducts spectral analysis with the use of FFT and IIR.

Seismic analysis

seismic analysis and monitoring are used in standalone mode or within the scope of automated monitoring systems for seismic and seismological studies using the methods of refraction and reflection of waves and deep-water seismic sounding against man-made and natural sources.

Acoustic emission sensor

The acoustic emission sensor is the most important element of any acoustic emission NDC system. The acoustic emission transducer converts AE-process acoustic signal to electric signal parameters of which are used for the assessment of acoustic emission sources. They are used for technical diagnostics using passive ultrasound.

Digital inclinometer

The digital inclinometer is used in static systems for platforms positioning control (2-axial mode) with tolerance below 0.1%. Major application spheres of the digital inclinometer are to precisely measure bearing structures, building deflexion and tilt control within automated structural health monitoring systems.

Strain-gauge amplifier

The principal task of the strain-gauge amplifier is to increase the output signal level from several mv up to several v. It is also used for static and dynamic measurements of loads, deformations, torque, temperature, and other physical values.

What we do

Depending upon the Customer’s requirements, we are representing a series of ZET Arrow for diagnosing buildings and structures. It is a system for building and bridge structure monitoring and evaluating the technical condition of the structure or timely warning if collapse failure.

ZET Arrow can be used as a stationary system for long-term diagnostics or as a portable system for an immediate evaluation of buildings and structures technical conditions.

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