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What is LiDAR?

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. LiDAR is the combination of light and radar where light is used instead of radio waves to determine range, angle or velocity of an object. LiDAR scanner works by illuminating the targeted object with a pulsed laser light, which can be of ultraviolet, near infrared or visible light, and then measuring the reflected laser with the help of a sensor.

3D representation of the target object is made by using the laser return time and wavelength. Different types of substances including solid metallic and non-metallic objects like stones, semi solid or liquid objects like rain, even aerosol, clouds, mist etc. can be targeted by LiDAR scanner.

LiDAR is very accurate and precise technology which uses a laser pulse to strike the object. Regular photogrammetry or other survey technology can miss the surface elevation value that is hidden by vegetation or forest canopy. But LiDAR can penetrate through the object and detect the surface value.

Based on the platform LiDAR can be of four types


Airborne LiDAR

These LiDARs can be mounted on aircraft, drones, helicopters, etc. and generally used to cover a huge area in a short time and also used for forest modeling to avoid the dense vegetation, in remote areas like mining and coastal regions. Combining photogrammetry techniques with UAV LiDAR can give enhanced results across a range of applications.

Mobile LiDAR-GPS/INS-Survey-BPC Pi

Mobile LiDAR

The Mobile LiDAR system is mounted on a vehicle equipped with GPS, INS generally used for corridor survey project. This mobile lidar system is the best solution on the market for surveying and engineering projects where accuracy, precision and overall cost-effectiveness are paramount.

FARO FOCUS-8 mega-pixel-HDR-camera-BPC Pi

Ground-based LiDAR

Ground-based LiDAR (also known as laser ranging) is a novel technique that may precisely quantify fuelbed characteristics important in determining fire behavior. specifically designed to provide early detection of changes in the composition and structure of the stratosphere.

LiDAR Technology-Spaceborne LiDAR-BPC Pi

Spaceborne LiDAR

These LiDARs are specifically designed for space shuttles. These are lightweight, with high vertical resolution so that these are able to measure the distribution of aerosols, clouds and trace gases such as ozone and water vapor, tropospheric winds and the vertical distributions of atmospheric pressure and temperature.

What kind of solutions can be provided using a LiDAR?

Forest planning and management | Environmental assessment | Industrial survey | Defense industry

Environmental assessment

LiDAR technology has a huge contribution in the environmental assessment which is done to protect the plants and environment. River survey, oceanography using LiDAR has become very popular now a day to predict possibilities of flood or tsunami by analyzing the changes of the water surface label and other underwater information. LiDAR wavelength is shorter and hence can image the objects which are of the same or larger wavelength. hence LIDAR can detect pollutant particles of carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, and methane. This information helps researchers to create pollutant density map of the area which can be used for better planning of the city.

Industrial survey

LiDAR technology has been used widely for industrial survey and management. From building planning to railway mapping or tunnel design, there is no other option than LiDAR technology. Airborne LiDARs are used for survey in the solar plant especially to check the position of the solar panels. Ground-based LiDARs are used for the design of the exterior as well as the interior of the building. As LiDAR can detect the smaller molecules of minerals and gasses it has been used in oil and gas exploration and mining industry. LiDAR is used in the wind farm to calculate the direction and strength of the wind.

Forest planning and management

LiDARs are widely used in forest planning and management. It is used to measure the vertical structure of the forest canopy and also used to measure and understand canopy bulk density and canopy base height. By analyzing LiDAR point clouds forest fire management is also possible. LiDAR image helps to monitor the possible fire area which is called fuel mapping (fire behavior model).

Defense industry

The military depends on LiDAR technology to map out the exact terrain of the battlefield and know the exact position of the enemy and their capacity. The technology can also be used to locate all enemy weaponry including tankers and help in neutralizing the threat on a much larger scale.

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