Record the World in RAW

Get ready to experience the wonder of RAW. The Zenmuse X5R is the world’s first Micro Four Thirds aerial camera, capable of recording lossless 4K videos in RAW. With a framerate of up to 30fps and 1.7Gbps average bitrate (2.4Gbps maximum bitrate). The X5R empowers to capture breathtaking professional-level footage every time. Packed with a powerful MFT sensor.

World-Leading Stabilization

Perfectly integrated with the camera, a 3-axis gimbal utilizes DJI’s world-leading stabilization technology to automatically stabilize your camera in flight. This gimbal communicates constantly with the aircraft as you fly, and powerful brushless motors instantly respond to every minor movement to keep the camera level, even when capturing long exposure or time-lapse content. So focus on what you want to shoot, knowing that the resulting footage will be stable and ready to use.



SensorEffective Pixels: 16.0M
Photo formatsSupport DNG
Shutter speed8~1/8000 sec


Video formatsMP4/MOV/Cinema DNG (RAW)
Video resolution4096×2160(23.98p)


Optics User Selectable (default DJI MFT 15mm F/1.7 ASPH)
Diagonal FOV72 degree (default DJI lens)
Focus Range20cm-infinite (default DJI lens)


Operating Temperature Range 14 – 104F
Operating Humidity Range 5 – 95%

Brilliant Photographs

The Zenmuse X5R is capable of producing print-ready 16 MP still frames with an incredible amount of details through it’s high quality & high sensitivity image recording capabilities. It captures photographs, in both JPEG and RAW, to meet the highest standards. P/S/A/M shooting modes are also available, for providing the freedom to shoot the way you want.

Built for the Sky

To create the first fully integrated, professional aerial imaging system, the Zenmuse X5R was engineered and designed from the very beginning, with 360 degree camera movement and dual controller support, and always ready-to-fly for enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

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